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Committed to Quality

We are committed to creating collections that are ethically sourced and manufactured, with fabric handpicked by the founder herself.

Committed to showcasing diversity

We are dedicated to showcasing diversity in all of our campaigns because we believe that our collections can be worn and enjoyed by any woman, regardless of ethnicity or religion.


Sinjab was founded in 2017 as the brain child of Ayah Rashid, head designer. Born from a dynamic vision and unique sense for color and fabric, Sinjab is the kind of change modest fashion needs.


This brand is adding a dash of color to your wardrobe.



One of the greatest differences between Sinjab and other modest fashion brands is the dedication to bringing you quality clothes that are bold, bright, and fun. We are a brand committed to showcasing diversity in our marketing campaigns. We hope that you find what speaks to your style here!